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David Macswain
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Not much to say, I just like drawing.
Consider myself more of a Digital Editor and Photographer above anything else artistic wise.
 Hey, well um yeah. I've got no excuses. I can't believe it's been over a year since I wrote and entry. Sorry I've been gone so long, I've been on and off keeping myself busy and otherwise occupied. ^^

 So lets see, where to start. Work I guess. In between jobs AGAIN at the moment. Had afew different ones throughout the last year. Was working at this Life Skills program that teaches you life and employ-ability skills and help you search and apply for jobs for afew months which was nice, pretty laid back most days, interesting coworkers would be putting it mildly. :p I was pretty excited to be the first in the group to have been hired for a job as a security guard. I was even more excited because it was with a company I had been trying to get with for years. While all the training and experience was nice, my excitement was short lived. Despite being promised from the very beginning that I'd have full time hours, I was only getting two 5 hour shifts a week, and after hearing that our hours were going to be getting cut even more I decided to get searching again. Saw that my local Walmart was looking for people for "Reno Crew" and Night stockers. Got a call afew days later asking me to come in for an interview and got hired. I had originally intended to stay as a security guard and work afew shifts here and there, but turns out my boss wasn't too thrilled that I was looking for more work so he let me go the very next day. Oh well, I had a better paying job and more hours starting the next week so I was content. I won't lie, a number of things you hear about working for Walmart are true, but others are greatly exaggerated. For the most part, working at Walmart was actually enjoyable, mainly due to my coworkers, but it still wasn't so bad until my 3 month probation was coming to an end and despite being told I was one of the hardest and best workers there they decided to let me go with no warning. You can imagine I wasn't too please. Still not but I have to move on and keep looking for a job that I can actually stay at for more than afew months. Till then, it's stretching my budget as thin as I can and having people tell me I should get this and that and tell them to fuck off constantly again. :p

Wow. Work wise 2014 was quite the year. Well, lets get the inevitable "love-life" shit out of the way. By that you can easily guess, yeah I'm still single finding women to be fickle minded creatures. :p Though, I've got to say, I kind of feel like I might have had my heartbroken all over again. See, for a while there I was actually over my ex and we were back to being friends. But after a bit I started to redevelop some feelings for her. Feeling a bit more confident I decided I wasn't going to beat around the bush and let it slip away this time and was going to ask her out the next time I got the chance. Just so happened a chance presented itself not long after. She was graduating from her upgrading classes and invited me to the graduation. So after I got off work I stopped in bought afew flowers that were her favorite color and went to go see her. It was kind of awkward giving them to her as I had expected, but I could see she was really happy about it. This all sounds like it's going well to you? Yeah that's what I though until not even a minute later I walk into the kitchen to find her new boyfriend sitting at the table... Words cannot express how much I wanted to turn around and walk out that door. But I decided to stay. Poor choice. Yeah he left after about 10 minutes, yeah we all shared a couple laughs, but for the rest of the evening I couldn't help but feel like shit. I must have gone through half a pack of smokes that night. Thankfully it was payday weekend and I had a bottle of rum in the freezer. I dropped contact with her for a while after that, drop in on her from time to time to see how she's doing. Aside from that I just don't see a reason to put myself through it anymore. So long as she's happy, fine. I'm here if she needs me but aside from that she's got him, he can deal with it all now.

Now that all that's out of the way. ^^ It's getting pretty late/early 7am to be exact, and the snowplows have finally gone away so I can get some sleep now. I'll try to continue to be more active on here rather than upload something every couple months and more frequently update this thing rather than yearly.
Right well, till then as Monty always said "Keep Moving Forward".
  • Listening to: Blind Guardian - Bard's Song
  • Playing: Minecraft
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Spiderman And Black Cat by Nebezial by satanX15
Spiderman And Black Cat by Nebezial
First upload in a while. I know I haven't been very active on here lately, primarily due to job hunting and gaming(Got sucked into Warframe)
Anywho... Been following Nebezial for a while and wanted to try my hands at something bigger and more detailed. Really pleased with how it turned out. :)

Original: :iconnebezial:…
Color: Myself
Inoue Hollow by Eduku by satanX15
Inoue Hollow by Eduku
Been meaning to get around to uploading some stuff here for a little while, just been really busy with work and life in general. :p

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